Intuitive Colour Healing

Amethyst sm


Intuitive Colour Healing offers a powerful yet subtle perspective on many aspects of health and well being. I use a light touch focussing on the subtle energy field, including the energy centres known as the chakras.  The visualisation of certain specific colours (taken from nature where they are imbued with life force) creates an experience similar to meditation and many people see or sense the actual colours during treatment.

Beneficial effects are the release of blocked energy, an increase in vitality and a renewed sense of balance and well being. Additionally, for some people, the opportunity to explore colour through drawing is a rewarding way of integrating the inner and outer perception.

When the energy field is contacted with a very fine resonance, such as by a practitioner visualising healing colours, the client will frequently register that vibration by sensing bright sunlight and often the colours themselves: warm red, orange and gold; cool spring green, blue, violet and amethyst. 

This work is especially helpful for people who need nourishment on a spiritual level and for those who are suffering from grief, profound shock, or disappointment.

It fine-tunes our system and enables a sense of clarity and overall well being.


A Bridge of Beauty will lead to a new way.

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