Combinations of Therapies

Therapies in combinationIn Transpersonal Psychotherapy, we talk and listen, often voicing thoughts and feelings of whose existence we were not consciously aware, and giving life to hidden gifts and dreams.

Through Craniosacral Therapy, the talking and listening emerges first through subtle touch and, by including the body directly, can access preverbal experiences which may be a vital missing link in our search for a true sense of wholeness.

For many people it works extremely well to move from the chair to the couch during the same session, especially when their material seems to have been' lost' or to 'fall into the crack' in a long-held mind/body split.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy also combines beautifully with either of the above modalities. The in-depth discussion and imaging of Transpersonal Psychotherapy then leads to anchoring the material by inviting a deep level of physical relaxation and talking directly to the body and the subconscious. I never give voice to anything in a hypnotherapy session that we have not already talked about and use your own words as much as possible.

Moving in the other direction, from subtle body work to hypnotherapy, is particularly valuable if you have a tendency to be very tense and vigilant. Craniosacral Therapy starts from acceptance of wherever you feel yourself to be, gradually easing the body/mind into a greater and greater sense of safety, which can then, through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, be planted verbally as a seed thought and grow into a remembered state to which you can always return.


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