Feet as a Gateway to Intuitive Healing

Single footprints in sandThis weekend workshop is for craniosacral therapists, healers and other practitioners (including reflexologists) who wish to extend their experience to include working specifically with and from the client's feet, and also to develop further the intuitive sensitivity in their own hands.

Through this approach, you will have the opportunity to review and refine your understanding of the transformative nature of healing touch, while exploring the subtle energy patterns particularly accessible in the feet, including the spinal reflex points.  A Japanese proverb tells us: 'The feet are the gateway to 10,000 illnesses.' Working with this alignment and its correspondence with the chakras enhances the healing process enabling change, re-balancing and growth on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and core energetic.

This subtle sense of interconnectedness and roots can also reveal and release inherited/ancestral patterns in a way similar to working with family constellations.

This workshop is almost totally experiential and devised for a small group (maximum 6 participants) so you will have individual tuition and the space to experiment with the quality of your focus and intention and to develop the potential of a range of comfortable, fluid and intuitive hand movements, integrating them into your own individual therapeutic practice.

Engaging with the feet at this level can be experienced as being inwardly guided in the tuning of a very fine instrument; becoming totally receptive to and accepting of its true pitch and timbre and finding how to listen, in the ensuing stillness, to the 'music' of that individual's whole system.

Saturday: Integration and Alignment

Sunday: Exploring Beyond Roots

This workshop qualifies as Primary CPD for the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) and is listed on www.blueturtlecst.com (postgraduate courses)

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No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We need to see the world anew.

Albert Einstein

Dates: July 1st-2nd 2023
Times: 10am - 5.30pm
Fee: £210
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Venue: 43 Gomm Road, London SE16 2TY (near Canada Water station, Jubilee line and East London line)
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