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Other Workshops

These are some of the workshops I am currently offering from time to time. I am happy to respond both to requests from organisations who would like to include my work in their programme and from individuals who are registering interest in a particular theme or area.

Bridging Psyche and Soma
In this workshop we draw on 'Symptom as Symbol' (Gordon-Brown and Somers) and, in applying this perspective from transpersonal psychology gain an opportunity to explore in depth the fascinating relationship between `psyche' and `soma': the interaction of mind and body, spirit and matter. We examine how our body carries experiences with which we are as yet unable to connect fully, especially on an emotional level. It can manifest the most eloquent symptoms, telling our story until we are ready to become aware, and are able to listen and respond, allowing whatever changes are needed to take place.

Intuition, Inspiration and the Will - the Raincloud of Knowable Things
Here we explore key elements in the journey towards the expansion of consciousness, both individual and collective by examining, through the work of Ian Gordon-Brown, the concept of the Raincloud of Knowable Things as an intelligent source of wisdom, which seeks us as much as we seek it. As part of this process, we consider the many different types of Intuition, becoming more aware of what works for us and also what works for our clients. Through imaging and visualisation, our relationship to Inspiration and the Creative Thread can emerge. Then, seeking to bring our intuitions and inspiration into manifestation in our lives, we will look at the Will To Be (symbolically above us) and the Will To Live (underlying it all). When in touch with our own sense of the life force, we have insight into the energy charging the moment. The peaceful, silent will creates a centre where creative energy is available. There can be no integration without a centre: the transpersonal Self, the true heart, the essence of being.

Sound, Space and Silence - the Art of Communication
Our starting point is the Japanese concept of ma, which encompasses the silent, empty space between things, the beats between notes of music, the period between incidents and the comfortable distance between people. The Chinese character that is the written word ma is an opening through which light shines, and the function of ma is precisely to let the light shine through. This field of resonance and awareness enables us to engage consciously in deep healing processes and to find and cultivate another level of perception from which even greater clarity and insight can emerge. 

Unfolding the Story - the Archaeology of the Soul's Journey
During this weekend we look at the multi-layered story which we experience in our own lives and which clients bring to their sessions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Using creative visualisation, spot imaging and Gestalt work, and further developing listening skills and dialoguing, participants will have the opportunity to explore both their own inner journey as an unfolding story and also how to work with their clients in this way, integrating the insights with practical work in a small group. What emerges is a kind of archaeology of the soul's journey, revealing layers, both conscious and unconscious, in which treasures lie waiting to be discovered. Unfolding that story and opening up the space for it to continue in a new shape, according to the wisdom inherent in the system, is a  fascinating and deeply rewarding aspect of the therapeutic process.