Unfolding the Story - Archaeology of the Soul's Journey

Rocky Valley Labyrinth This weekend workshop is for craniosacral therapists, transpersonal psychotherapists and other practitioners who work with an awareness of the subtle energy field. We will look at the multi-layered story which clients bring to their sessions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Using creative visualisation, spot imaging and Gestalt work, and further developing listening skills and dialoguing, participants will have the opportunity to explore both their own inner journey as an unfolding story and also how to work with their clients in this way, integrating the insights with practical work in a small group.

The two days, with an intervening night in which to dream, allow for a real quality of spaciousness for the inner process, both individual and within the group.

What emerges is a kind of archaeology of the soul's journey, revealing layers, both conscious and unconscious, in which treasures lie waiting to be discovered. Unfolding that story and opening up the space for it to continue in a new shape, according to the wisdom inherent in the system, is a fascinating and deeply rewarding aspect of the therapeutic process.

'A symbolic work is a perpetual challenge to our thoughts and feelings because even if we know what the symbols are, they do not refer to a given thing, like a sign, but are bridges thrown out towards an unseen shore.' C.G.Jung

This workshop qualifies as Primary CPD for the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA)

'Everyone has two journeys to make through life. There is the outer journey, with its variety of incidents and the milestones... There is also an inner journey, a spiritual odyssey, with a secret history of its own.'
William R. Ing

Dates:  September 11th-12th 2021
Times: 10am - 5.30pm
Fee: £195 
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Venue: 43 Gomm Road, London SE16 2TY (near Canada Water station, Jubilee line and Overground)
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